+ How does Meet & Right work?

  1. Create an account, add photos, fill out your profile, and make it public
  2. Adjust your Coptic-friendly settings to make sure you see the right people (and that the right people see you!)
  3. Meet & Right will deliver a handful of profiles for you to review each day
  4. Like somebody's profile who also liked your profile? Mabrook! That means you've matched. You will both be notified of the match and will have the ability to message one another within the app

+ If you like somebody's profile, do they get notified right away?

No! That would be awkward! The other person will only know you "liked" their profile if they click "like" on yours, too. At that point, you will both get a notification and be able to message one another within the app.

+ These Coptic-friendly settings... how do they work?

We're glad you asked! The goal is to allow you to filter away your local community if you don't want to run into them on the app. They won't see your profile, and you won't see theirs. We think we can help you avoid a lot of awkward encounters this way. You can set this up by adjusting the "min distance" setting.

+ Is my information safe?

Yes! We'll never share your last name, exact location, or email address with other users. It is totally up to your discretion to share your personal information with others within the app. Be smart, and be careful!

+ I'm only seeing a few profiles to review each day. Is this intentional?

You betcha. We want your experience on Meet & Right to be thoughtful and meaningful. We feel that allowing people to spend all day swiping left or right doesn't promote a great culture or community. After you finish reviewing profiles for the day, you can always come back to the app tomorrow to see more. Take your time and make it count!

Don't forget: you can adjust your settings anytime to be more inclusive. This will very likely allow you to see more profiles, because #math.

+ Why does Meet & Right need to know my Location?

Short and simple: this allows our awesome Coptic-friendly settings to exist! Enabling Location Services for Meet & Right will allow you to exclude or include people by mileage based on your location.

+ What if my location is different now compared to when I first made my account?

No worries! From your Account page, you can refresh and lock in your current location.

+ What's up with the mobile verification code?

Upon making your profile public for the first time, we will ask for a quick and simple user verification via a code sent to your mobile device. This helps us know you're a real person and not a robot, a prankster, somebody who creates multiple profiles, etc.

+ What is the difference between Report & Unmatch?

  • If it’s just not working out between you and the other person, you can “un-match” them. This will delete all messaging history, and remove the match. You will not be able to communicate with this person via the app again, and they will not reappear in your potential matches.
  • If the other person is violating our Code of Conduct, you can Report them. This will send a message to the Meet & Right team, and upon review, their account may be suspended.

+ Where is Meet & Right available?

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark,Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Qatar, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UAE, UK, and the USA.

+ Are you making sure everybody who joins is Coptic Orthodox?

We wish we could realiably verify everybody's baptism in the Coptic church! You will have to use your best judgement in making this determination. If you feel that somebody is being dishonest, please report them. Meet & Right is intended for those that are already or actively pursuing the Coptic Orthodox faith.

+ How much does Meet & Right cost?

We're initially launching as a free service. In the near future, we will be moving to a paid monthly subscription model in order to to keep the new features coming!

+ When will Meet & Right be available on Android?

IT'S AVAILABLE! RIGHT NOW! Go download it and tell us what you think!

+ I’m not Coptic Orthodox. Can I still use Meet & Right?

Our app is designed for those who have already accepted or are pursuing the Coptic Orthodox faith.

+ What if I no longer want to use Meet & Right?

We’re sorry to see you go, but hopefully this means we helped you find your match! You can make your profile private at any time from your account page. If needed, you can delete your account at any time from your account page within the app as well.

+ Have any questions, ideas, feedback, or want to get involved?

We'd love to hear from you! Send us a note at hello@meetandright.com.

Last updated on 7/20/2019